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Ladies, whether you are a believer in Christ strongly, somewhat, or even not at all, God loves you and will answer all of your precious prayers within his good time. I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and being able to have a child was always a huge concern. I was always so scared that I would never be able to because I was so messed up. The day I met my fiancé, my life changed. I was an agnostic/atheist. I believed that all things were created only through science, and that every man was for themselves. My fiancé brought the light of God into my life, and changed me forever. I began praying and praying that one day, the Lord would bless Phillip and I with a healthy little angel. We tried for probably 7 or 8 months, and I slowly began to think, maybe God doesn't want me to have a child. Well, here I am almost 10 weeks pregnant with the power of prayer!
God can't answer all prayers exactly when you pray, but he will answer them in one way or another when he knows it is the perfect time!

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— @k_ray, i know exactly how it is girl:) we are blessed after my dermoid cyst on both my ovaries last year were removed they told me it would be impossible for me to get pregnant it didnt hit me until i realize my partner wanted kids and i felt terrible because i knew it wasnt in store for me but look now im 38 weeks with a healthy babygirl:) i thank god ❤

— Yes!! God has a plan for everyone that not even the best doctor on this planet can predict! Praise him girl @nylahmylovely

— I have PCOS too, && yes god answered my prayers. With that being said my one n half yr old is named Samuel the verse of the bible Samuel 1:27!!! and I'm pregnant again with my meds!! it was truly a miracle @k_ray so I completely understand 💫

— It's so great! And I had no meds, my doctors didn't really take interest in helping me. But, Gods got me!!