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Last post im making until I post his pic,they just broke my water ,and these contractions are unbearable...πŸ˜ͺ

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β€” good luck!!

β€” @mom2be96, @jellybeansmommie @dmariejj @krissy81814

β€” Thanks Hun @january10th

β€” good luck!!!!!!!!! girl get you an epidural!!!! how many cm are you

β€” good luck hun.

β€” Good luck

β€” Get that epidural! Goodluck!!

β€” good luck!!! :)

β€” @mmmirage really??? Come on now 😢

β€” Praying for u boo! 😘😘Congratulations

β€” Good luck mama don't forget to post pictures.

β€” @babyboolala huh?

β€” How u gone tell that girl to take the epidural off bat! LOL U aint even let her try natural first babe ! @mmmirage

β€” Don't mind. Someone else suggested it too, her posts talked about how the pain is excruciating. I wasn't enforcing it on her. She will eventually make her own decision, not listen to us! Lol I have no bad intentions twds her so plz don't point me out because I didn't say anything bad. :) .we are both ftms so obz our 1st reaction. @babyboolala

β€” It was a joke babygirl! Have a good day.😊

β€” Good luck hun❀️❀️❀️❀️