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That’s messed up. Did the smudge I woke up at 3am with my h…

That’s messed up. Did the smudge I woke up at 3am with my hall way light flickering like crazy. Mimicking a fire. Wtf.

Then my cat came to me with a funny meow. Told her to come here and I put her on my chest and she stared at the doorway.

Something is here.


— @rayofmysunshine, @beezmommy, it was terrifying! I couldn’t control any of it and I was afraid for my son.

— I really don’t want to experience anything like that. Ugh. It makes me very nervous

— If I wake up between 3 and 4 I usually listen for my brother. When I really need him or I fear that he’s not here for us, he’ll change my bedroom entrance/hall light from it’s bright white to an orange tone. Nooo, the light isn’t going out. It really only happens when I’m down down. Sometimes right before my eyes if I’m talking to him. May sound crazy, but it gives me comfort!
I hope you figure out whatever is in your house and embrace the good and banish the negativity. Mirrors ward off the bad spirits too. They don’t like looking at themselves. Maybe hang one in that entrance? Don’t forget to surround yourself with white light; you and your entire family 🤍🤍🤍

— I know our angels and spirit guides come out that hour as well. But this was more negative. With my daughter feeling the bed shake the way she described it. Something knows she isn’t as strong as I am and messed with her, thankfully it didn’t scare her.

— @hakunamatata09, this is why I’m researching lol

— @hakunamatata09, might be time for oils and anointing!

— @rayofmysunshine I know you're not catholic, I was going to also suggest a priest and holy water. But whatever works for you, is the best thing to do.

— @hakunamatata09, if I can’t get rid of it. I may have to have someone come.

— @jellybeans33, @supermomof4, I just told the demon it is my house and my light fucking flickered. Chills all over my body. I’m convinced.

— Yeah it sure sounds like it. I thought I was going insane at first. Things would be moved when no one touched them. My oldest was around 6 months and we were laying in my bed just watching tv and he dropped his pacifier and I stepped off the bed to get it and it was gone. My husband couldn’t find it either. I found it a month later in a sleeper of my sons (it was summer so we didn’t have these out) but it was all the way down into the footie part, and it was in the bottom of my dresser. I never kept my sons clothes in my dresser. Then I had a very pregnant friend come over to check out my sons room and visit. As soon as we walked into my sons room she fell to the floor, she couldn’t move or speak. I literally had to drag her out into the hallway and she had finger marks on her shoulders and she sad she felt someone was holding her down. That was the last straw for me. Someone physically was touched and harmed. I hope you get something figured out because it will get worse.

— @supermomof4, that is terrifying.

— @supermomof4 oh no that’s so scary!
I’m so sorry you had to go through that!

— My daughter woke up we talked about the bed shaking. And she showed me how hard she felt it shake. And I told her I didn’t feel it at all. She is completely mind blown! ‘HOW COULD YOU NOT FEEL IT MOM! It was like an earthquake. Even your face was shaking!’

— Then we talked about the earthquake last year. Lol

— I went through something similar years ago. I couldn’t deal with it myself as nothing worked so thankfully we had a friend who is a preacher and he came out with some holy oil and rubbed it around my sons closet door (that’s where the entity was) and said his prayers and fought with it to leave my house. He said it was a messenger demon sent to split me and my husband apart and it was just almost working. We were arguing a ton out of no where and having lots of issues. I’m so thankful he was able to get it to leave and then he went around the outside and blessed my house. Before he came my sons room stayed freezing and he was scared to go in there, and so was I. After all that my sons room became warm again.

— Oh wow. That is similar to our situation. Now I am positive I need to get to work and get this demon out. It has to be one.

— I think it is in the basement, in our sons room.

— 3am is often known as the witching hour. Spirts are their strongest.

— I know! It creeped me out.

— @outnumbered, @crharmer, my daughter was laying with me and woke up and told me the bed was shaking. But it wasn’t. My cats meow was weird! I’ve never heard her meow like that.

My step son(13) won’t even sleep in his room. And the things that have happened here makes me believe something is messing with us.

One time my SO heard a woman’s voice speaking right above him. No one was there. Another time it sounded like someone was dragging something over the vent. He got upset and yelled at a ghost saying it was his house. My step son said in his room a book flew off a music stand and then the music stand just kept shaking uncontrollably.

When I smudge the house, the embers go out on my sage. Like something smothers it. But I always keep it well lit. One time I was doing a smudge and fear took over and I had to have my SO walk the house with me. That time we felt whatever it was, hairs raised, cold cold breeze (no windows or doors open.

I think it’s the same thing.

— @rayofmysunshine ✨ I can’t imagine.
Please reach out and have your house cleansed. This worries me for you all.

— I’ll definitely be following your story about this - because this is insane!
I feel so bad for you guys and what you’re going through. I hope you’re able to get in touch with somebody sooner than later and put whatever it is, to bed.

— @outnumbered, I said a few prayers aloud this morning and I’ve been feeling uneasy since.

— Tell it that it better start paying the electric bill if it’s going to keep messing with the lights.

— I just got an uneasy feeling reading this 😣🥴

— Same. 😩