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Making the best of this day. Made a fort in the living room…

Making the best of this day. Made a fort in the living room and made some beaded jewelry with Isabella. They turned out super cute! Got some chores done and rearranged some of my plants.

Going to get groceries soon and get some office work done. Hopefully the next few days I can be super productive. Might have to grab some Bangs 🥴

Might be making spaghetti for dinner…. Still undetermined. What else is cheap and easy? Or take me in your posts. I know I’ve seen a few recently lol


— I made pizza today 😅

— We’re just doing frozen pizzas tonight bc momma is worn out! Lol
But spaghetti is a great idea. Hamburger Mac is too.

— Totally grabbed some frozen pizzas, a salad mix and garlic bread 😁

— @rayofmysunshine, 👌🏼!! I made garlic bread with mine too. But I didn’t have any salad, that sounds perfect to me!! Hope you enjoyed, momma!!! ♥️🍕

— @love_linds, it was ok. I grabbed a different brand. It was called Crav’n I think. It wasn’t that good lol and thank you!

— Fried rice! Can make it veggie or meat based.

— I’ll have to put stuff in my grocery list!