Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам




— @love_linds, @squishymommy1, isn’t it a booster seat ? Or is my eyes playing tricks ?

— No lol. Her seat is in the back still kinda damped from gettn car shampoo he cleaned the seat also 🤦‍♀️

— @walkeryonnisha, lol ooh ok

— She is so beautiful. Please get her into a proper carseat. She is much too little to be without one.

— @squishymommy1 @love_linds she has a booster seat that in the back seat which is currently wet from me gettn my back seats shampooed from paint stain technician didn't take it out while cleaning car so she is currently in the front seat THANK YOU 😊

— @walkeryonnisha, but your not driving like that right?

— She is very cute. But this is not safe.