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If anyone else in the area applied to CMP and won a space i…

If anyone else in the area applied to CMP and won a space in Tuesday’s TK/K lottery, I must say CONGRATULATIONS!!! CMP is one of the best decisions I made in regards to Isaiah’s educational and social emotional needs.

Be prepared to have a very independent child who can do things we don’t expect on their own. A child who can problem solve without our help, a child who learns chores at school and does them at home, and a kid who can plant things and weed your garden.

Anyone whose child will be attending next year is more than welcome to hit me up and ask questions.

In the meantime, send my sister positive vibes for a rare 3rd grade spot. Before the pandemic, if you didn’t get in after 1st grade, forget it. This year might be her golden opportunity due to many children going to homeschool instead. I was also able to talk to some people and because her nephew is a student and she’s the sister of a parent, she gets sibling priority. I would love for her to get in, my sister has major recall issues with letters and numbers and I think Montessori would give her the tools she needs to cope despite the recall issues.


— I’m so excited to see Charley thrive at CMP. Thank you so much for telling me about it.

— @fairykarmamomma, yeah that’s awesome. This man my husband knows, his wife runs a Montessori daycare out here and he told my husband that maybe Montessori won’t be a good fit for my daughter because she’s super social. Would that be a problem?

— @llcoolkay, I don’t get where that idea comes from. My friends daughter is a super social libra and she’s doing WAY better there than her school by the house. She had behavior issues before because she wouldn’t behave and wanted to just talk to her friends and now she doesn’t. I think that Montessori fosters independence and it’s beneficial whether you’re shy or social. Example, at lunch the kids learn to set a table together and then they eat together, it is a social form of education.

On the flip side, kindergarten is the best year to determine if it’s a good fit or not. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. If it does work out, you’ll have a place for Charley til High School.

— @fairykarmamomma, right? I wasn’t understanding why that wouldn’t work

— So awesome to see your kids succeed! My son is starting at the Montessori school my husband works for in august. He’ll be there for pre-K and k. I’m excited to see how much he’ll progress over the next 2 years.

— I think it’ll be great for him. I hope you and your family have all the success in the world!

— @fairykarmamomma, me too. Thanks! I hope your sister gets in. I’m sending you guys so many good vibes. You seem to be needing it these days. 💕💕💕