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We have intended on buying our place, but then hubby injure…

We have intended on buying our place, but then hubby injured himself onto workers compensation so we couldn’t buy it. Well, I got a 60 day notice today. My landlord knows this isn’t the time for me to move out so she said if she could, she would try to sell to an investor whose willing to let us stay a year so we can get ourselves back on the good foot so to speak, but prepare to have as little as 2 weeks to move out once sold. My neighbors house sold in 6 hours....

I’m freaking all the way out...


— I’m so sorry. This is incredibly stressful! I hope she is able to sell to an investor to buy you guys some time 🤞🏼 I’m glad you at least have your dad’s place to stay at if you need to. Wishing you the best.

— So stressful. Sorry to hear. This is happening to my sister now too. The real estate market is insane right now so a lot of people are cashing in big time when selling

— Yeah I know, it’s hard out here

— This is why we had to move too. Hopefully the new owners let you guys stay♥️ it’s so beyond stressful

— Yessss I run a business out of my house!
My Dad offered his master suite because it’s huge and we can get a storage unit and kind of restructure a bit until mid summer and then move when rentals are hotter and we have more income. My hubby is on workers compensation and has been for 16 months so this is not the time because our solid monthly income isn’t enough to qualify for places. My business income isn’t stable yet. This is a tough one

— @fairykarmamomma, atleast you guys have a place to go if need be! Are air b and bs expensive in your area? We were looking at that as an option if we didn’t find a place in time

Also, when is your lease up? In Florida , if the landlord sold the home before our lease is up, the new owner has to wait until the lease is up before they can move in technically

— Oh my goodness no! That seems way too sudden. Geez I am am sorry 😒

— Oh no, I am totally freaking out with you! :( Why does she have to do it now?!?!

— Because she has a family member in need of housing so they’re buying a house they can rent to them but they have to sell mine within the next 2 weeks