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In need of some bedtime nappy suggestions. Our 3 and a hal…

In need of some bedtime nappy suggestions.
Our 3 and a half year old has been dry during the day for over a year now but isn’t ready for night time training. He’s only just started to sleep through some nights so I don’t want to be waking him if it can be avoided.
I’ve tried various nappies and pull ups/bed time pants, but most night he is leaking. He sleeps on his front a lot and the nappies just can’t cope. I’d say 2-3 times per week were up at 5 or 6 changing his bedding. At which point he then won’t go back to bed.
Any suggestions for a nappy that’s good for bedtime or tummy sleepers?


— We’ve tried Sainsbury’s own (we used them for a while without trouble), Aldi, Asda, huggies bedtime pull ups.

— My friends little boy is a front sleeper (almost 2) and she doubles up at night time. Size 6 over a size 5. May be worth looking into? :)

— Which nappies have you tried? Xx

— Have you tried reducing fluid intake before bed and also putting some pants on top of the nappy might help xx

— He just paddies for more water. He does drink loads. He barely seems to wee in the day but then at night wees loads.

— My 3.5 year old is still in nappies at bed time and spends 60% of the night on his tummy. The only ones we have found that do not leak are sainsburys own brand, they are called little ones and we size up :)