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God does anyone follow mrs hinch? She has recently been put…

God does anyone follow mrs hinch? She has recently been putting stories up about trolls and I just went onto the tattie life forum where she is reading this stuff and I feel sick from the things ive read.

There is people on there writing how much her son hates her and needs to die, shes a bad mum because her house is clean and that the dog is treated better than her own son.

I just feel sad for someone that is reading these things about herself, we have all been first time mums and we know how hard it is without the whole world watching. How awful is it that there are people like this out there that are happy to make someone feel so low about themselves.


— Vile cretins. I don't follow mrs hinch but that's still incredibly nasty and completely unneeded. The problem with today is all this social media crap means people can easily hide behind a keyboard with no consequences for their actions. Get them in person and I bet they are scared of their own shadow and wouldn't dare say anything. I also think part of it is jealously the fact she's become so well known for cleaning her house and they don't like it and probably can't keep up with it, because they are lazy toads that would rather slate people online than play with their own children or clean their own houses.

— Wtf is that website 🤯 I just went on it and the whole thing is just a place to slag people off on. Just read the one about Jacqueline Jossa and can’t believe some of the shit I’ve read. I get online people say nasty stuff but I didn’t realise there was a whole platform to bully and shame people, how is that even ok and allowed ? Xx

— I thought this! I was just looking if there was a petition or anything to get it shut down. Why is it even allowed to exist. If you look at their terms and conditions it's basically saying its constructive criticism which is a joke 😂 imagine being that sad to join a website to slag off celebrities all day. 🤦‍♀️ xx

— @kelsey234, constructive criticism 😒. I don’t see talking about the suicide of Caroline Flack constructive criticism at all. Perhaps you should create one !! Xx

— @single_mama_ @jessicab3 @zainab.1995
I can almost guarantee its women writing this crap aswell. If you go back on the thread theres a group of people that just constantly bash every single thing she uploads. Its updated every few minutes, saying she should be a better mum and get off the sofa but maybe they should get off this disgusting forum and get on with whatever they should be doing 🤢

If you put all this together it is nothing but bullying. A group of people picking on someone to the point of tears, this is why i cant stand people. 😩

— I honestly hate when grown women act so childish and bully others and bring them down just so they feel better about themselves. People like them are so full of jealousy!
Social media has become The platform for bullying. People hide behind their screens and make others life hell just because they're unhappy in their own life !

She seems like she has got her life altogether and I'm always amazed at how clean her house is but we don't know whats happening behind cameras and social media. We don't know what her struggles are. Always be nice to people! No one knows what the other persons struggles are!

— Its definitely women you can tell 🤦‍♀️ only women are that nasty and malicious about another mother. I think it's so sad that shes just subjected to that as she "deserves it for putting herself online"

Wonder what theyll think if she did the same as caroline, you never know where someones mental state is. Definitely agree on being nice to people! What do you get out of being nasty honestly 😩 xx

— Her house is clean!? So what! Bloody hell, I’d be bloody amazed if I could keep my house clean with the kids and the dogs she’s amazing! She’s definitely not a bad mum! There’s so sick sick people out there who have no life and have nothing better to do do other than attack other people and it probably all comes down to jealousy! It’s awful what people say about celebrities not even just celebrities normal people like us it happens to! Just wish people would wake up and think how badly it affects some people’s minds when they go to bed and can’t sleep and then have all of those bad thoughts and being suicidal I don’t think people understand the extent of what it does to a person physically and mentally xx

— I know! I wish my house was that clean and I'm non stop cleaning. That's a good mum to me as she always seems to playing with ronnie on her stories so to be able to do that and keep everything clean I'd say shes smashing it! 😂
I cant understand why just because shes a celebrity (which she didnt even really intend she just cleaned on her stories and it blew up.) She has the be subjected to people calling her son ugly and that he needs to die etc.
It's one thing having a thick skin but I think if people were saying that about tommy it would even make me cry. I just feel so awful for her and want her to stop reading such things but it must be hard to stop. They said that about caroline flack in her recent documentary that she got obsessed with knowing what people thought about her like she was looking for some sort of approval and thats a slippery slope.

Why would you even think to go onto a website and slate someone so badly, I cant get my head around it. If you dont like her just stop watching her stories. 🤦‍♀️ xx

— @kelsey234,
Oh I know! I’m always cleaning to I never seem to stop but how amazing would it be to have a spotless house like hers?! As well as a toddler and a dog! It’s hard work for anybody!
I don’t understand why people think it’s normal🤷🏼‍♀️or what even goes through their heads to even say something like that in the first place! Exactly! I couldn’t imagine it, it’d be awful to sit there and read comments about you and your family saying such awful things!

👏🏼 exactly if you don’t like her unfollow her? Don’t watch her stories and move on?, like there’s no need for it and it affects some people in worse ways than others! It’s just not nice! I’m 100% sure if it was someone slating their children/family it would be a whole different story!xx

— @jessicab3 exactly! Why do they want to tear down a young woman trying to make a living and be a mum so badly 🤷‍♀️ think it says a lot more about them than it does her!

I've said so many times that social media needs to be made verified. So you cannot open any accounts until you prove who you are, they do it with gambling websites you have to send your ID and a photo of you holding your ID so why cant that be done with social media. It would make everyone accountable for everything they say and there would be no more hiding behind this anonymous crap. If you have to say vile things I'm sure you wont mind your name being attached to it! Xx

— Sick individuals!!! I've no idea why these sites or pages are allowed to be active its beyond me!

— I thought this! I even joined and wrote a comment and my account got blocked for "spam" so clearly you can only comment if you're being nasty! I know people will just tell her not to read it but I think we would all be guilty of it as curiosity gets the better of you.
That website should definitely be banned i dont understand why its even allowed to be active. Shes not the only one that gets slated on there its many celebrities.

I just cant get over how people can write such things and go to bed at night. What if that was your daughter/mum/sister who was having to read that. 😩 xx

— @kelsey234 its absolutely disgusting! And society is a joke, and people throw around be kind, and wonder why so many people commit suicide especially through trolling yet things like this are there! X