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As I left the hospital room, I took one last look around an…

As I left the hospital room, I took one last look around and tears began to fall down my cheeks.

It hit me — I’d never be here again, with a car seat in my hand and my newborn secured safely inside.

He is our last baby.

I will never be pregnant again.

I’ll never feel first kicks (or last kicks for that matter).

I’ll never take another bump picture or buy another coming home outfit.

I’ll never feel another contraction or the gush of my water breaking.

I’ll never again anxiously await the arrival of a son or a daughter.

I’ll never again have that amazing feeling of accomplishment and excitement when the doctor puts my brand new baby on my chest for the first time.

And although I am so grateful to have the gift of being a mother, I can’t help but be sad.

I can’t help but mourn this season of my life that has come to a close.

I look forward to what the next season has to bring. But closing the door to pregnancy and childbirth forever will still take some time to accept.

—Paige Martinek


— This will be my last baby also. And although it’s heartbreaking it’s also a huge relief. Bittersweet. 🥺❤️

— Bittersweet for sure. I'm exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and run down (also richly blessed, loved, joyful, and happy) with my 4 so I'm glad I'm done, just a hard reality.

— I feel the exact same way 😔

— Lmao that’s a good thing I’d never miss any of that torture 😂😂

— @countrypeaches42013, lol not me I just wanted them out so I could have my body back 🤣 being in pain and puking the whole time is not my thing ..

— @kush_queen420 I probably would have enjoyed it less with puking and nausea. Never had morning sickness with any of them. And only felt discomfort in the last couple weeks. I should be a surrogate lol

— @countrypeaches42013, haha I never carry full term my body’s like nope 👎🏼 get out 😂 the first was 2 mths early the second two were at 35 weeks but that was fine with me 😜

— It's so bittersweet!! I still cry thinking about it!

— I'm ready to begin my next phase in life and I'm excited for it, but I've been pregnant and having my babies for literally most of my 20s, it's a hard reality and it's going to make me sad for a while. Bittersweet really is the right word for it.