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Hey girlys sorry haven't been on in awhile been going thoug…

Hey girlys sorry haven't been on in awhile been going though alot with home schooling and lost my young cousin ☹ need some advise with my first two boys it was easy potty training but really struggling with my one year old dont no if too early for him but any one got ideas to help me x


— I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. 27 is no age ☹

I potty trained my youngest at 20months and I'd say it took 3 months before he fully got it. He was showing signs of being ready by having dry nappies in the morning and we were in lockdown and summer so I just went with it. I'd definitely try to wait until he shows he's a bit ready. The reason it took 3 months was because he still needed to learn to pull his trousers up and down himself and tell us he needed a wee/poo. Anyways we got through it but it was stressful due to so much washing! Xx

— Thanks hun x oh ok yeah defo gonna leave it his trying to pull his nappie off but doesn't get the potty is his toilet but hopefully come soon x

— Thanks hunni means alot I don't have much friends all stopped talking to me when had my first so nice to know I have you talk to and yeah dont wanna push as I know it can make them go back

— Absolutely heartbreaking, I’m always here if you need to talk 💕yeah I’d defo wait , my other son was 3 when we started and took to it better later on x

— So sorry to hear about your cousin 💔my son is 2 , 3 in September and he’s not ready yet so it might be worth waiting until summer to give it another go xx

— Thanks hunni she was only 27 hardest thing was not being able to go to her furnel had to watch watch on my TV which isn't the same and yeah might be better as he just puts it on his head then sits on it gets up and wees in my hallways which is not good x