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Does anyone else deal with Thyroid issues? I first got diag…

Does anyone else deal with Thyroid issues? I first got diagnosed when I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2016 I never knew I had thyroid issues before till I got pregnant and was checked. Thyroid has made me gain weight which is really hard to lose no matter how hard I tried. 
I’ve had “friends” comment that maybe I needed to work out more, or change my diet. I wish it was that simple. I don’t blame them because they don’t understand but a few weeks ago I found a group on Peanut full of mums struggling with thyroid issues just like me. 
It got me thinking surely there’s got to be more of us suffering with the same thing, maybe we can find the support we all need, because its made a huge difference to me.


— Here’s an app where I found a group of moms that suffer with thyroid I’ll even share the group link to


— I was hypo for a decade and took .25 of synthroid forever and now my thyroid is acting sub clinical hyperthyroid and they’re not sure why so I’m being monitored every three months for a year to figure it out. No meds at the moment either other than a B12 shot. They think my house may have been hit by covid but they refused to test me and now I’ve got a severe case of thyroiditis that I’m still healing from 11 months later. Thyroid issues are hard, you really have to be vigilant and monitor it. You also have to be an asshole with some of these endos as well because for some of us low normal makes us feel like we are sick and lethargic so they need to investigate further and stop just basing things on numbers. There are other factors they need to consider ranging from hair loss to pernicious anemia to possible insulin resistance or a type 2 diagnosis. If you’re looking into alternative options, acupuncture can help detoxify and open up the meridians for blood flow to your thyroid and adrenal glands to help with natural function. Also, working out doesn’t always help with the weight fluctuations but it does help with the energy reserve.

— Yes I don’t work out at all now because I’ve noticed it wouldn’t help me

— I have hypothyroidism...I take .75mcg levothyroxine. I have an opposite affect though, I don't gain weight easily...

— I gain it like crazy I was skinny when I first met my husband and then started randomly gaining weight and had gotten pregnant a year after being together and that’s when I was told I had it

— Are you taking medications to regulate your levels? Is it hyper or hypo??

— It’s hypo and yes but I need to go in and get all my levels checked again