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I’m so scared for my sister in law, she’s 28 weeks she had …

I’m so scared for my sister in law, she’s 28 weeks she had preeclampsia with previous baby, her urine is high, blood pressure high, experiencing chest pain and aching back.

She went to the hospital yesterday as midwife sent her and when they scanned they found an anomaly either something wrong with her heart or a clot. She has to inject to thin her blood and wear those tights to prevent clots, they’ve told her she needs to stay in bed. She’s gotta go back to hospital next few days to have dye put through her body. (My brother in law is amazing and he’ll do everything for her and Elsie)

I’m just so scared for her 🥺 we can’t do a lot to help either with covid etc. Anyone else gone through anything like this? They’ve said all this is very dangerous for her and baby so, do you think they’ll want to get him out? 🙁


— My boy was born at 28 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. If you want to message me I'll speak to you about what happened with my son. He is now a happy 2 year old xx

— I also had clots in my lungs x

— Thank you 😘 I’ll ask my sister in law first if she would like me to find out other peoples experiences xxx

— It’s scary, but they’ve found it and acting on it. They will only bring baby early if it reduces the risk to baby or her. Fingers crossed she’ll be ok. They wouldn’t have let her home at all if they didn’t believe she would follow or was a greater risk at home xx

— It is, I mean if sitting around on the sofa (as she’s not going anywhere) is risky and having to go to bed I’m just scared that whatever it is will harm them both xxx

— Im not a dr but clots can be very common in pregnancy i imagine shes on warfrin now?
Blood thinners are very good and get to work more or less instantly!!.
Try not to worry as they will see this quite often clots can be very scary and very serious but it sounds like theyv caught it just in time as the danger is if it gets inside the heart... but blood thinners will start to break it down from the first injection

— They’re not 100% yet if it’s a clot or yet or something wrong with her heart, and it’s where it is could cause a pulmonary embolism. Until she has the dye through they’re unsure, they have said that if it is a clot the warfarin could break it down some could break off and go where they don’t want it too, we’re all trying to stay positive but it’s scary 🥺xxx