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Just to vent i was suppose to start my period on december 3…

Just to vent i was suppose to start my period on december 30 and it never came. January 6 till now i have been spotting brown on and off and slight cramps. My periods are always the same heavy old thing and thry suck. I took 2 test which come back negative. So i call my ob today and explain to them to me i need to wait to see if i miss my period for January and if i do they will see me that i could be pregnant but its to early. I thought if i missed my period that was suppse to start December 30 it would show up now if i was pregnant. Im so confused on why i would have to wait for another missed period


— I'm sorry too im praying for you.

— @supergurl_82

— Thanks.

— Sorry you have to go thru this. Hope u get answers. It could be many things. Today my beta didn't double so they're thinking its an ectopic pregnancy. Im so sad but I knew this was going to be my outcome. So my dh an I decided Im was going to get surgery an my dr will remove my last tube. I dont ever want to go thru this. This is my second ectopic pregnancy. Now to see when we save up for IVF to use our last embryo an pray it takes or my baby making journey will be over. Im to old to go thru another IVF cycle. Its very sad cuz I always wanted a big family. Hope u get answers an able to expand your family soon. Infertility sucks. Sorry for venting.

— That is very frustrating. :( Have they ever screened you for endometriosis? I was wondering...I have very heavy periods too, and when I was doing IVF they discovered I have stage 4 endo and my bowels are adhered to my abdominal wall. My doctor did what she could to release them, but it would risk perforation. I was just wondering because of your bowel issues. It would flare up with your hormones. Those stray uterine cells that are loose in the body swell up with hormones just like they do during your menstrual cycle.

Now I am rambling.

— No they actually haven't done that i will ask about that if my period doesn't start soon. Im really thinking im just suppose to have one monster and I will just have to get a puppy lol

— @mom2godzilla If it ends up working out that way, you absolutely hit the jackpot with that little guy. Sending lots of love from someone who has been there. <3

— @jenx thank you so much

— That is super annoying and doesn't seem right at all. Can you maybe go to your regular physician or urgent care to get blood done and show it to them

— I could call but they are hooked to my primary so I was told by primary to call my ob. I just figured if you missed one period like your either pregnant or not and if not my period would just show up but technically its day 13 no period

— @mom2godzilla that's super frustrating....I used to have that happen before I had multiple uterine fibroids and some polyps removed. Have you been examined for those?

— @massgirl yeah I had a pap and everything in October everything was fine then. I was ovulating she said which mean I do ovulate later in my cycle. We have been trying for awhile so idk if I ovulated right before my period if thats why it could be to early to know. I always can hold my urine since having my son so I pee all through the night and I try to hold it but 2 hrs is my limit lol

— Could be stress

— I was thinking that but i have never been this late and just spotting old blood is what it looks like for this long. I figured they would want to see me. We have been trying for so long so this is frustrating