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Beautiful mommies thank you all for your kind works good wi…

Beautiful mommies thank you all for your kind works good wishes and love towards my family yesterday the kids and I went to the place doing paperwork for the apartment it was all complete but one part i needed my 2019 tax return I went home sad i didnt have it and called the tax lady who did it for me she said she dont work friday and wont be in her office till monday night.I refused to give up I sent her a detailed messege why i need it right away first come first serve situation for this apartment she still nicely said monday night. I said ok . Not so bad by tuesday ill have it. To my serprise the tax lady sent it to me last night and i was full of joy and sent it to the office doing my paperwork. Monday morning I will call and hopefully have everything sent and ready in Jesus name ! I need this to go through ! I feel the freedom in my bones my heart is overjoyed !


— This brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart!!! Prayers for safe housing and a home for you and your babies!!!

— @verguinia Always, never ceasing... You're in God's hands and Jesus loves you!!!

— @xryztalroze Thank you your right !Amen

— @verguinia 🥰

— This is great! What a blessing she was willing to help 💜💜

— Thank God for her and that her office is located at her house !

— You can always go online and get copies of your tax documents thru the irs website and also wishing your great news

— Yes I made an account yesterday but the po box on mu last return is the old shelter so that mail with verification code wont reach me im calling monday to ask if they can send to this address

— So happy for you and your babies🌹🌹

— Thank you May God bless us with secure housing

— @verguinia yes ma'am

— God is good all the time I'm so happy for you you and your kids really deserve this 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

— Thank you keep praying it works!!!!

— That's awesome girl! So nice of her. Praise Jesus🙌

— Amen !

— God is good! 🙏🏼❤️

— Amen !!!!

— That was very kind of her to work on it during her time off for you. Good luck.

— I know thank her kind heart!