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y'all i feel so bad for my grandma... long post ahead lol s…

y'all i feel so bad for my grandma... long post ahead lol so my aunt and her daughter and her daughter live with her my cousin and her daughter just moved in a few months ago. well i talked to my grandma tonight and she said the 3 had a big blow out fight because the cousin is worshipping idols in her house (my grandma is really religious and believes in god) and that now the aunt and cousin will not speak to her and haven't in over a week since the big fight. here's where it pisses me off they both live there for FREE neither work neither help with bills but my grandmother is scared to kick the cousin out because my aunt will attack her. now i don't judge what people believe in or religion outlooks but here's my think she is living under my grandmas roof for FREE it is my grandmothers house and they need to respect her. she's 86 years old has open her home to them letting them live there for free and now won't even speak to her. my poor grandma said she hasn't had peace in her house in days.


— I am sorry that she is going through that. I hope that things will get better for your grandmother. 🙏🏻🤞🏻
This reminds me a lot of my family. I have a lot of ungrateful relatives that have stayed with us for free before and then have the audacity to talk shit and complain when they have had it easy here. I’m glad my cousin hasn’t been here in months now with her lousy attitude but her mom stays here and she is very ungrateful half of the time when she doesn’t have to pay anything. We argued like crazy last year. I am glad that the last few weeks have been peaceful so far and I hope it stays that way for a long time but I didn’t deserve to deal with all that added stress and headaches. Some people are really a handful and can’t see the good in someone or be appreciative. That is sad.

— Why don't someone step in and and tell them that's not right

— i'm trying to stay out of it because i don't want my grandmother upset she gets super upset when there is conflict and fighting. but if i hear they acting like fucking idiots my mouth will no longer stay shut because my grandmother doesn't deserve that especially after letting them live there for free and opening her home and heart to them

— @beautiful_disaster yes girl ur GMA should be living her best life right now drama free and worry free. They should respect her house and her period. Im sorry ur going thur this.

— You’re grandma is a saint I’d kick them all out of my house with the quickness that is not okay. And the fact she’s scared for her safety says it all.

— exactly! i'm beyond pissed off. me and that woman haven't always seen eye to eye but i've never disrespected her in her own damn house while i was living there. don't get me wrong cousin can believe in whatever the hell she wants to but if she knows damn well our grandmother doesn't agree with that in her house then don't do it in her house. simple respect especially if you're living there for free and no jobs