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My dishwasher hasn't been cleaning my dishes so i took out …

My dishwasher hasn't been cleaning my dishes so i took out the filter, the drain, all the interior screws and found such a nasty glooby globby thick slime buildup 🤢 So i got on my knees and pretty much climbed inside and scrubbed everything and took out the sprayer blades and used a scrub brush on them hoping to get them nice and clean. Then reassembled the whole thing. Now washing a small load hoping it wasnt cleaning because if such a nasty buildup it just couldnt clean them. Otherwise i just wasted 2 hours and killed by back for nothing 😑


— I had to do this for mine!! It worked so well after. You should get this on amazon and you run it with this in it and it looks and smells so much better afterwards!!

— Thank you I'll be sure to order some. I used a dishwasher cleaning packet but I'm guessing the buildup was already too much and too intense for the poor thing. But I feel so much better having torn it all apart and really getting in there with a scrub brush but yes I'm hoping something like this will prevent the buildup from happening again

— 🙀🙀🙀🙀

— It started off with just the top rack then a couple days later it wasnt doing anything to get my dishes clean. I'm so happy it works now!

— I'm happy it works! Now you have to get some of that dishwasher cleaner, I forgot the name, the one that's always in the commercials, lol ... all you have to do now is prevent buildup!

— @madrex2 @boymomx4 update, it works! I tried vinegar but the amount of build up theres no way vinegar would do anything to that. Like literally 2 inches thick of straight slime ball. It took a lot of wiping, scrubbing, rinsing, and washing to get it but it works!

— Worst come to worst put some vinegar in there on hottest cycle. Vinegar cleans everything and It’ll help with build up I do that with the coffee maker

— Fingers crossed it works !!! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽