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There is a kid in my kids class that stands out due to nega…

There is a kid in my kids class that stands out due to negative behavior and the kids thought they saw his car this morning and they were talking about how "bad" he is. 🥴 I just keep telling them that some ppl have a harder time than other kids and he isn't a bad kid. My kids are so distracted by this and I'm like can you just ignore it! Lol Last week I almost emailed ghe teacher because the kids said he was bad and got sent home. Idk what the heck he does that is so bad and I hope the staff doesn't talk about him once he is gone because I don't want my kids being mean to him. Anything else I can say or do to get them off his behavior?

They just started coming home using the word bad, I told them he has a hard time and thats what they had been saying.

I just tell them to set a good example and he just has a harder time and thats okay, the teacher will help him listen. Lord only knows they see him and find it as an opportunity! Lol


— I was a preschool teacher for childcare that had a few children stand out for negative behavior. It was a challenge to teach most day as that child took up most of our time as teachers and yes was often sent home for being a danger to the class. I am well was a parent to child who was kicked out of every class since age 3 for being a harm to other children and teachers. Its a hard topic but kids notice these things and im not sure what's the best way to talk to them is other then what your doing.

— I feel for ya! I wanted to be a teacher and now that I have 3 the same age I dont think I could have done kids all day to come home to my own! Lol

— @scidg3 yeah thats how I am now I left when I gave birth and don't plan on going back to preschool I may start working in the schools once its safe for us to actually go to school ...dang covid...

— They're still learning but a great book to read is "No David" the character has terrible behavior but at the end of the day he's still loved. This helped when my kiddo was not understanding others behaviors. Also you're correct just because he's having a bad day doesn't make him a bad person, just keep reiterating that and they will understand eventually

— I think I've seen it!

— We've had a lot of talks with our kiddo, but she's older and understands on a different level. We have explained that some kids have a really high level of energy that makes sitting completely still very difficult, and it's distracting to other kids, so seems "bad", but in another setting it could be super useful. That we're all just different. That some people learn better by moving and doing, not sitting, reading and listening. And that makes school tough for them

— I'll throw some of that in too! I was kinda feeling like my answer isn't enough or they are looking for more of an explanation. Idk