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Any of You Mama's started Y'all Thanksgiving shopping yet!?…

Any of You Mama's started Y'all Thanksgiving shopping yet!? I have started! Mainly picked up the few items that I know are going to sale out quick! I usually like light corn syrup but it's already sold out and the dark Karo is almost sold out too..only 6 bottles left..crazy huh and the marshmallows and pecans are almost sold out too. I'm craving pecan pie so that's definitely getting made here in a few hours but luckily I have plenty of items to remake another one in a few weeks and if I can't find a pre-made pie crust again in a few weeks then I definitely know how to make one on My own!! 😁😁


— Yep, bought me some nice fleecey, stretchy yoga pants. I'm READY to go! I just gotta show up and eat so I'm set. Lol!

— I should get a pair too because this baby is going to have Me bursting at the seams lol

— Finished today 🥰

— I need to pick up a few more things and then I will also be finished 🥰

— Luckily I’m on a diet and no ones ransacking all the salads lmao

— Lol I hear You on that Mama!!😁

— Yep! We went to Aldi’s today to get our turkey and potatoes. It will be just us, but we want the traditional Thanksgiving foods.

— @al_hegerrrr2819, let me know how you like it !

— @mmgarcia81 I definitely will! If You make it there before I do please let Me know also!!

— @al_hegerrrr2819, I will