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mamas i rlly jus need some advise wit my son he jus is not …

mamas i rlly jus need some advise wit my son he jus is not listenin to me he dnt follow direction he wont eat wht i cook he will cry an throw a fit and kick holez in the garage til i give in an let him eat pop tarts an cookies. he doin online school but wil not sit an do his wurk teacher sayin he gona fall behind an hav to repeat grade if we can not get him 2 focus. he made his christmas list an i tell him he wnt get nothin if he keep talkn back an not doin his chore. he go be hind my bac an send his gift list 2 his daddy an i told him not to do it he wnt give me his phone i been tryin to take it 4 a week now an he wnt giv it to me he tellin his daddy on the phone he hate me an wish i wud fall frm a cliff i dnt no y he actin out. he tell me he will be gud if i buy him a ps5 i am stressin out


— I agree with getting him a mental health evaluation, he may have something else going on.

If his dad is close I would have him come over and talk to him maybe that would help? Take away his phone, make him fix the damage he has done also make him have consequences for his actions.

— Send him to his dad 😒 stop giving into him, no more pop tarts and cookies, stop buying pop tarts and cookies so there'll be none in the house. If he doesn't eat what you provide, he can choose to not eat at all. Get the phone, I'm sure he sleeps and showers, you can get the phone away from him. Let him scream and cry all he wants, you don't have to give in to him.

Do get him some medical attention, he might have something going on other than just "acting out"

— Well 1) Please DO NOT call the police. Is his dad close? Would be be able to come and have a one on one conversation with him to see what the actual problem is? I would look into some behavioral therapy.

— his dad not round hun he in military an we dnt kno if he wil be here 4 christmas lik he kep sayn but ik hun some 1 in his school tell me she thinkin he has adhd an dey wan me to giv him calmify so he can do his school lesson idk if i shud giv him meds an stuff but i got appointmant wit his school counselor next friday

— @shaneen.g, i would bring it up to the school. Maybe FaceTime with his dad to see if you guys can talk it out together. My nephew has adhd. He was on medication which helped for a while especially with school and paying attention. I hope you find something that works.

— First off respect is earned not given...💯 his butt would be out by the highway picking up trash like community service I’d take the door off his hinges ,no phone no friends and no weekends period until his act straightened up I don’t play that shit he’s old enough for consequences 🙄

— He told you he’ll be good if you buy him a PS5? He’s definitely trying to manipulate you and that’s not okay. He won’t give you his phone? Turn the service off! You need to get this under control before he’s much older and really try to run over you. I’d be getting the supplies for him to fix those holes he’s putting in the walls and he still wouldn’t get shit for Christmas. He can earn anything that’s not a necessity since he thinks it’s okay to disrespect you.

— What how old is he? I be damn if anyone knocks holes in my garage 😂🤧

— @the.mother.goose., this is terrible advice.
@shaneen.g, don’t call the cops on your son. There are better ways to discipline him and work with him. He seems really frustrated as I’m sure a lot of teens are during this time. There are free health sessions for kids during this time. Contact his school and I’m sure they will guide you in the right direction

— @dontspankme, not terrible at all you really think he’s gonna go to therapy when he want even eat his supper lmao good luck girls. This isn’t some anger issues this is plain down right disrespectful

— @the.mother.goose., with all of the sh@# going on in the World, why would you suggest she call the cops??? Like someone else said, terrible advice!!