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It’s been a month and my son still has thrush..he’s been pr…

It’s been a month and my son still has thrush..he’s been prescribed medicine 2 times already and it’s not working


— I swear by it! Just a little every 2 days with a cutip

— @flamingfiremom I recommend it. It worked for us after the prescription meds didn't. I think they gave us Nystatin.

Make sure baby is in only a diaper bc this stuff is messy!!! I recommend using a gloved finger to put it in babies mouth and inside the cheeks. It will stain purple temporarily and any cloth it touches permanently.

— @xryztalroze, thanks my doc said the same thing n wen I went to pick up his meds the pharmacy laddie was like don’t buy that purple stuff if’s a lie and a waste of money it doesn’t work

— @flamingfiremom So the doctor said basically what I said and the pharmacy tech talked you out of it? Geeze... I believe in both holistic and modern medicine. I try natural first and if it works I stick to it, if it doesn't I go the route of modern meds. I've had situations where one worked when the other didn't... I think if the tech said no, she probably believes only in modern medicine and may not know the benefit of natural routes.

— Sometimes it doesn't work😔

Don't give him a lot of sugar. The yeast feed on it. Try plain, unsweetened yogurt & Grapefruit seed extract is supposed to help.

Will had thrush but the nystatin worked on him in a couple of days.