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Mommies with two or more kids, howww do you do it?😂 I have…

Mommies with two or more kids, howww do you do it?😂 I have a 5 year old and 5 month old. Everyday it’s like the amazing race just trying to get things done. My daughter never wants to be put down. I try to do things when she naps but she cat naps. Every time we get in the car to go somewhere she screams bloody murder. I believe she just hates car seats🤷‍♀️ What are some of your strategies to get things done like cooking, cleaning etc with multiple children? Also how do you prepare when getting ready to do an outing with your kids?


— I commend you mama 💕 I need to look into a good carrier. My daughter is 5m and 20 pounds. So I need something with good support for her.

— My daughter didn’t like being put down so I used to baby wear her. It was easier when she was able to be on my back. I used to just have lazy days and sit with my baby. Now that they are older it’s much easier to clean especially when they can help.

— Your kids are beautiful. My daughter is black/Hispanic but doesn’t look black at all 😂 She’s heavy girl. She’s 5 months 20 pounds. My back be killing me some days.

— @shaquashia75, awww thank you. My daughter was a heavy baby too 😂😂. I had a period where I only cleaned the necessities. Laundry and dishes my husband helped with the rest. If he took the kids out for a bit on a weekend used that time to clean more. As long as it doesn’t look like a hoarder home Im good. It will never look model home clean and I’m fine with that.

— My son always catnapped too and only napped while nursing. So yeah, I was in the chair like 6x a day. I got things done while he was awake and had my daughter entertain him. Put your son to work! Start teaching him how he can play with his sister and things they can do together. It’ll get better as she gets older. Don’t stress about a messy house. Just do what you can.

— Thank you 💕

— I had two under 5 at 18 had my first at 15 and really just do it when they sleep 😴but all my kids have there own jobs after dinner they do dishes and the kitchen ..before school I check rooms beds are made clothes in the hamper they do there own bathrooms too and we all fold clothes 🤷🏼‍♀️I mean it just getting a routine down I think which is hard and we struggle still

— My daughter only cat naps though. I use to be able to get things done when she slept longer but not in the past two months or so.

— @shaquashia75, right my last one just started school so there gone all day 😂🙌🏼

— @kush_queen420, lol enjoy it because whewwww. My sons not so bad he just has way too much energy. He does virtual school so he’s home to bother me all day.

— My daughter HATED her infant car seat carrier. Screamed and refused to be buckled (she would tense her legs up Everytime I went to put her in😫)....anyway once I switched her to a convertible car seat it was instant peace....I also agree baby wear to get stuff done

— Yesss exactly my daughter. I’ve been looking into a Graco grow with me seat. It looks more comfortable.

— My daughter is the same way since she’s a newborn! I second what @squishymommy1 said!! I got a boba wrap and omg it’s a fucking life saver.

— I will def look into it, thank you so much!

— Babywearing.