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A 7 yr old child draws this picture. Is it cps worthy? You’…

A 7 yr old child draws this picture. Is it cps worthy? You’re a teacher, a parent etc. are you concerned?


— No. Not sure what it is.all I see are trees

— Not CPS worthy unless there’s a significant (and I mean SIGNIFICANT) backstory or the child gave a disturbing explanation like this gun/knife and tree set up is happening in his/her backyard and they play back there. I’m guessing something had to have been said for someone to call over a child’s drawing.

— If that's cps worthy I'm screwed when my daughter goes to school 😅 I can't tell what that picture is, my daughter has drawn people hunting with bow and arrow and draws bleeding animals with that.. country living at its finest lol

— Thank you. There’s a back story I don’t want to give a lot of personal info but the school contacted cps because of the picture.

— Personally i think they should of contacted you first and had a meeting with him and you together. They know about your son (not meaning that in a bad way)

— @scream.queen, it wasn’t my son but definitely agree. It was handled incorrectly.

— @scream.queen, and I can definitely see my son drawling a pic like this.

— I would only be concerned based on the child's explanation behind the picture. I wouldn't jump the gun on calling cps though...I would be concerned if the child was exposed to violent things or perhaps saw something on the news and exhibiting anxiety.

— I initially saw guns. Not CPS worthy unless there have been other incidents and abnormal behavior

— Thanks y’all

— No. Not at all. I would only be concerned if there were other concerning incidents before or leading up to this. But if its just this picture then absolutely not

— I'm honestly not sure what the black things are. I see three people, trees, and i think a tent.

— I can’t even tell what it is other than trees