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Lol topic of the day ! Do you moms find yourself braless mo…

Lol topic of the day ! Do you moms find yourself braless most of the day ? Week?moth? Since staying on quarantine? Yes or no?


— I never wear around the house, I'm flat chested, but anytime I have to leave the house, I wear one, because... nipples 🤦🏿‍♀️

— I wanna be you !!!!!

— @verguinia 😂😂 no you don't

— @mujerstillregal oh yes I do ,do bounding boobs while I run , no stretch Mark's, no bra all a win win

— When in public yes, at home I usually don't.

— If I never had to wear one I wouldn’t. I hate them

— I wish I had like small tiny boob so I would never have to wear it and stuff

— @verguinia, lol girl me too!! If I ever were to lose enough weight I would definitely get a breast reduction

— Yes. Only put one on when I leave the house. Lol

— I be going to the supermarket braless now !!!! My jacket hide my boobs but I feel like my boobs is starting to sag

— No I go to the gym everyday 🤣 that won’t happen

— 🤣🤣🤣🤣imagine going to the gym with no bra!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

— @verguinia, lmao I probably could mine are nothin 🤣 but better then getting knocked out with them

— @kush_queen420 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

— Yes. I hate wearing a bra so if I don’t have to be somewhere, it’s off lol 😂

— Me too but I be home all the ti.e so it's like never needed

— I only wear a bra during my kids virtual learning day after they are done it comes off 😂😂.

— Omg I dont should i?

— @verguinia, if you want lol. I do it out of my comfort and depending what type of shirt Im wearing that day.

— @alejandra_593 I will good idea

— Nope, I go to work M-F, so a bra is a must.

— When I worked I agree !!!!

— Yes I hate bras I never wear them sportbra or bralette is I hsve too haha

— I have sports only also !!!!!

— I have to wear a cami with the bra built in if i don't have an actual bra on. Boobies would be everywhere. 😂

— Boobs are annoying

— I can't go braless. Unless I am in the shower, I have a bra on.

— That's good I feel like my boobs are sagging but still keep forgetting g and when I remember it's only like 1 day 🤣

— Depends on the day 😂

— I am so forgetful

— Yes. I literally will not put one on unless I have to leave the house LOL

— Same!

— Thank God im not the only one now I even forget bra exist 🤣🤣🤣🤣