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— Lol.. My brother use to blow on it all the time when it didn't work

— My brother and I did it when we had Nintendo. It was the only way to get them to work, also stacking things in between to keep the cartridge down.

— I have a regular and super Nintendo!!! Now if only I had time to hook them up to play. I might just enjoy a day of fun... Maybe one day...

— I wish I had those but hate to clutter up lol. Best days were spent on my Nintendo and Super NES.

— I still have both as well! They are still my favorite

— 😂😂 no one reads.... the fine print 😅

— Terms & Conditions


— @icebergahead terms and conditions? Yup! Read them! And by "read" I mean I clicked yes I read them 😂

— Fun times !!!

— I still have my Nintendo 64 lol

— I do too! And I still have my Super Nintendo!

— Omg!! I used to play super Mario all the time at my grandpa’s with my aunt! Good memories.