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Right I need your girls opinions if I'm in the wrong here. …

Right I need your girls opinions if I'm in the wrong here.

Saturday night I was supposed to go out for dinner with my partner and my 2 friends and their partners making 6 of us.

One of my friends cancelled as her partner was unwell, (had a cold apparently.) She then text me and said can I tell my partner not to come so us girls can go for dinner and I said I cant really do that and its rude as my boyfriend had been looking forward to dinner and I wouldn't be impressed if he did that to me.
So anyway I went for dinner with my boyfriend as I said as I was going to and my 2 friends went for dinner as the other girl was happy to cancel on her boyfriend.
They now haven't spoken to me since, baring in mind I have been super supportive of everything they do in their lives but the one time I wasnt going to be rude they've dropped me in a second.
If it was me and my partner was unwell I would have just cancelled the dinner and said we will rearrange another time, not make someone pick between their partner and their friends. Am I wrong here?


— Nope definitely not in the wrong! They're clearly childish, which just shows you made the right decision as who would cancel on their partner for people like that! 😂X

— Better off without them to be honest ,their actions just show how much they value your friendship, not to mention their immaturity. Xx

— Thanks lovely, I guess I put up with it more than I should as I dont have millions of friends since becoming a mum! Not exactly easy to make new ones with the covid situation at the minute aswell. Xx

— No, you are not wrong. And your friends behave like kids...😬

— I know I cant believe they're being this immature 🤦‍♀️ x

— You're not wrong, but maybe her partner had said to her to still go out, however, they shouldn't have expected you to just drop your partner, like you say what's the harm in rearranging when he's better. Seems a bit childish on their part.

— I know thats what I thought, I said oh sorry but I'm not going to cancel on my partner as he was looking forward to going for dinner for I'm happy to rearrange dinner for next week. And then they kept pressuring me saying oh I'm sure he will be fine just tell him no to come etc. Made me feel so awkward xx

— No, not wrong at all hun ❤️

— @kelsey234, If they aren’t speaking to you that’s just childish and they aren’t real friends hun xx

— If she/ they feel comfortable dropping there partners then that’s on them! Personally if I planned something with my partner I wouldn’t change the plans because someone else did

As you said he was looking forward to going out ❤️xx

— @beebeejgill @beebeejgill I know they made me feel so awkward as I said I'm not going to cancel and they kept pushing saying he will fine just tell him to go to the pub etc. I just think it's so rude 🤦‍♀️ xx