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THROWBACKS Lamp chop’s Play-along (1992)

Lamp chop’s Play-along (1992)


— Most annoying song everrrr

— I swear I was just singing this to scarlett the day before I seen this post, I'm not sure how it even came to mind lol

— Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! Haven’t thought about this show in forever

— My pleasure

— This is the song that never endssss 🎶🎶

— It just goes on and on my friends.... 🤣

— @mamagunn.no.1 Some people started singing it not knowing what it was
And we continue singing it forever just because

— I love Lamb Chop! I used to watch it everyday. I had the lamb chop puppet.

— I can hear this picture

— Omg! 🥰😍
My kids have lamb chop hand puppets!! Love this show!

— This was my favorite show as a kid

— damn just realize my childhood was messed up lol 1st I just turned 6 when Dr. Seuss died and I was in school in the school library when it was announced the whole class was crying. The When Shari died it was a month after my brother and she was my brother and I fav.. I was like Lord take me now lol. I wonder why Shari's daugther didnt took over the show so it could stay on air

— oh and Jim Henson.. I loved Jim Henson

— I looooooved her.

— Lamb chop! This is the song that doesn’t end...

— we all know Shari Lewis was telling us to twerk it lol

Bounce your bottom in your chair Bounce it here, bounce it there And with tender love and care Bounce it, bounce it, everywhere Bounce it fast, bounce it slow Bounce it high, bounce it low Sing while you bounce along One more chorus of the song hahahah !

— @misr_chick_plus_8, ☠️🤣

— @fairykarmamomma you know I'm right lol

— I loved this show

— People don't know how lit lamb chop Play Along song was lol

— Doesn't it seem so much longer ago than the 90s, though?

— Lol I remember watching it at least in 1991.