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Moms with kids born close to holidays how is it celebrating…

Moms with kids born close to holidays how is it celebrating? Do you ever have problems with getting people to come to their birthday parties? My sons birthday is 13 days after Christmas and 6 days after news years. Depending on how things are by that time I wanna have him a small birthday party but a lot of people are telling me usually people are low on money around this time so probably won’t come due to not being able to afford a gift. What do you guys think? My aunt thinks this is true with any holiday and birthday close to it. I don’t know... but I hope this isn’t the case every year for his birthday parties! 😭


— My son’s bday is December 29 and unfortunately i never do it on his actual birthday. I always do it like two weeks before Christmas, not much for the gifts but because sometimes family and friends travel for the holidays. It sucks though because it will always have to be like this.

— My son was born December 5th and its never an issue. But my brother always has my neices birthday party (dob dec15th) in the summer so the kids can all play outside and then you dont have to worry about the weather showing the party out. But thats because we are in michigan

— My husband is Christmas Eve and his parents always had his bday party 2 weeks earlier. Apparently one year they had it on his bday but no one showed up. He says he doesn’t remember that.

— My fam has a Christmas Eve baby & people would overlook him or combine his presents. Friends didn’t come to parties because everyone was with their own families. Always sad for him 😞

— My daughter’s birthday is four days after Christmas. Luckily, we haven’t experienced this yet. We celebrate with family on or near her birthday but after Christmas. She’s only had two parties (1st and 4th-when she had her preschool class to invite) but both were held in January after all the holiday fuss.

— My oldest son's birthday is about a week before Thanksgiving. Hes only had one birthday party so far and that was his first birthday. People brought presents, but I always tell people when I have a birthday party or baby shower or something that gifts are absolutely not required so people dont feel bad about not bringing something. I'm hosting the event to celebrate a life, not to recieve gifts.

— I think with enough notice in advance people can buy things when they’re on sale for Christmas. Boxing Day always has deals as well

— My son is dec 27th, we do his sort the first weekend of dec to avoid clashing with anyone’s holiday things. We could also do it after in jan but it works better beginning if dec instead

— My bday is 10 days after Christmas 3 days after New Years and ya my birthday always just got thrown into the other holidays. As long as you make his bday special it’ll be fine I find a lot of people make their kids expect a big huge party every year and in reality it’s not always realistic and makes them feel disappointed if it’s not the case. I do big parties every few years not because we couldn’t afford to every year I just want my kids to appreciate and know that they don’t need a big party to have their day be special. Depending on family and your circle of friends the funds after the holidays may very well be an issue but I would just send invites and just mention gifts are appreciated but not necessary as your son is quite young and will not be expecting gifts. Pics of loved ones spending time with the birthday boy (or girl) is what is most valuable in my mind, I show my kids pics from when they were little all the time and I know that means much much more then a gift they will probably break and likely not remember.

— Great comment. Thanks for this!

— My son's is close to Thanksgiving. We don't really have a problem with people coming.

— Story of my life. My birthday is Jan 6th and I always struggled with it growing up. I'm sure every scenario is different, this was just my experience. When I was older, I didn't expect gifts from friends. I would do sleepovers and stuff. It was fun.

— Mine is Jan. 4, so I completely understand! Early January feels like such a letdown after the Christmas & New Years festivities. No one wants to celebrate a birthday then 😢

— I won't fib, with covid and everything I would just probably send a gift this year and possibly not attend a party, but in coming years I'd celebrate like crazy with that little guy!

— I think people need to budget for a gift, even if the holidays have just passed. Kids born close to holidays need to be celebrated on their special day too.

— Yeah and he’s turning one I mean I’m not expecting anything expensive. We’d be grateful for a $5 gift.