Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

We're crafting! I'll post a pic of the finished product!! �…

We're crafting! I'll post a pic of the finished product!! 😍

Update to where we are on our craft in comments! 🥰


— This looks so fun !! Where did you get it??

— @leonardsquared this is cool , bonding time !!

— @angikay, I think it gets cheaper the more often your gettin it. Like monthly is $49.99, every 3 months is like $59.99, like that. I could be slightly off with those but that's bouy how it goes. You can check out their website. I believe if you enter your email address, you'll get 15% off the first box. You can always try it at that price than cancel or make it so you don't get it as often.

— @leonardsquared okay cool. Thanks for the info, I'll look into it !!

— @iuiblessing2018, I take back ehat I said bout it not bein worth it. Really it is. They sent me a glue gun and seriously like everything you needed to make it. I used 4 paper bowls for paint but that's it! If you were to try and run around to gather all this stuff up, you'd spend WAY more than that! And have a buncha stuff leftover that you'd save somewhere but you KNOW you'd never use again! 🤣 It'd just be more crap in the junk closet!

— Our beads are still wet and it's tubbie time so we gotta wait til tomorrow to string em. I'll post a pic of it all finished up!

— It looks really good so far! I wish they would do a quarterly membership. I don’t know if I can find time every month but 4 a year I think I could handle

— @iuiblessing2018, That would really be perfect for me too!

— Got a bow on one!

— Now, it's finally all startin to look like somethin! 😍 He did so good with his stripes and polka dots! The inner perfectionist in me was SCREAMING but I just let him happily do his thing. I think they're cuter imperfect! 🥰

— DEF need a tubbie tonight! Haha

— We took a little break while pain was dryin and got a little side tracked! 🤣

— Makin progress! We're waitin for paint to dry now.



— He looks like he’s having fun with it!!

— @iuiblessing2018, this is the September box from the Project DIY you talked me into! It's pretty cool. Idk if it's worth 50 bucks but it's cute and so far been fun to do with Kai. Maybe it is worth it, we're havin fun together! 🥰

— I still need to do my box! Definitely post the after!!! Have fun

— Haha! I didn't see you had commented before I tagged ya! I already got the October box so was like 😬 We betta get on that! 😂

— @leonardsquared, I didn’t get October but wish I did. I bet the gnomes are cute!!! I tucked my box in the closet but I need to get it done before fall is over abs they move on to Christmas.

— @iuiblessing2018, that's what I was thinkin. If we don't do this, it's gonna sit in the closet til next damn fall! Haha