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— They are so chunky now, super adorable !!

— Oh goodness, they’re soooo cute!! I love the shy little smiles they give! 💜💜

— already know how to steal momma heart and get what they want lol

— They are so precious 😍

— They are adorable!! Have you noticed a difference/similarity in their personalities yet?

— 😊 thank you and so far Emily is more my quiet one she'll "talk" but not as much as Emma even tho Emily did her first lil giggle this morning when hearing her bottle getting shaken lol they also have different smiles Emma does more of a scrunched up face smile. but i've noticed cutest thing at bedtime i'll feed one go get em changed ready for bed and laid down then do the other but they will not go to sleep until the other on in there like they have to make a noise to let the other know they're in bed now too

— @beautiful_disaster, that is so cute!! She knows it’s meal time 😆 aweeee that’s so sweet! They say twins have an inseparable bond❤️

— Such cuties

— 💗 💕

— Love them!