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So the police told me to go to court and have everything in…

So the police told me to go to court and have everything in order and hope he stops bothering me..he did say that he is willing to the kids from me....i don't know where to start...we had a agreement between us but he just cant let me go..he wants me to stay alone. I remember one sunday he told me he would get me pregnant and on sunday he did what he did😖they didn't arrest him..They are going to investigate but he told my mother I whent to offer my self..I just whent to pick up my kids...I trying to block that from my head 🙁i need to be fine for my kids


— First step, imo, would be to file an emergency custody order.
Then if it has not been done already file for a restraining order.
Next, look around for a lawyer who is willing to help you.
Lastly, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. He's going to do EVERYTHING in his power to say it was not rape. He's going to do everything in his power to make it look like you wanted it. Stand your ground. Do NOT give him the kids right now. Get your case in order ASAP. Press charges on his ass and go through with it. You deserve justice and I know it is SO difficult to deal with and you just want to forget it all but you deserve justice.

Contact your mom to block contact with him. I hope she believes you because it's heartbreaking when people don't. Do not stoop to his level. Do not contact him. Handle it lawfully and respectfully and QUICKLY. Like tonight or tomorrow quickly for the custody and restraining order.

— Thank you some much....

— @mommy_391 np. Also, therapy. Look around for a therapist that's right for you because it's incredibly difficult to get through everything. 7 years later and it still haunts me.

— Did they give you a plan B while you at the hospital?
I'm so sorry this happened to you.

— They did..have me other medicines but I end up throwing up..

— @mommy_391 you need to let them know so you can take another if need be.

— @oggirl.mom I did took another one