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Ok ladies i need advice so we got rid of my daughters other…

Ok ladies i need advice so we got rid of my daughters other toddler bed because it was used and she wore it down. It had the legs on it. Now the newer toddler beds are flat on the floor and say up to 50 pounds. My daughter is now 4 and she is 39-40 pounds she is also shorter too. Tonight she was crying because she wants a new bed and right now we share a room because we are house hunting for our own place. My question is does anyone have a toddler bed like this. Can it hold up more then 50 pounds? I know it says 50 pounds, but it is completely on the floor so why can't it hold more weight then that lol. I just don't want to buy something and her outgrow it fast. She has a ways to go before she hits 50 pounds and with being short i think it will be worth it. Any thoughts?


— You should just get a twin bed. It’ll last way longer and beds are not cheap. We got our daughter a twin bed when she was 3 since we needed the crib for our son.

— Get a twin bed. You'd be wasting your money in the long run. Because you have to turn around and buy another bed in a month or 2.
And from experience these beds do not hold up more than 50 pounds

— We have a queen straight on the floor for my 4 year old.

— If i had room for that I totally would. I can't wait to find a house so she can be in her own room and have a bigger bed. Were just working with the space we have Atm. 💕

— @onthegomomma, makes sense! Would a twin mattress on the floor fit until you have a house? That way you don’t have to commit to a frame until you know your space.

— Honestly I would maybe look into a low laying metal twin 🛏️?

— I will look into that for sure. :)

— @onthegomomma
I believe delta children also makes these in twin size which might have a heavier limit

— @onthegomomma can't find frozen but found this one