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Reeeeeed Robin........🍔🍟😋

Reeeeeed Robin........🍔🍟😋


— Never had it is it good

— Yes their burgers are absolutely delicious! You definitely should try them.

— Story time. I went there years ago with hubs and the in laws. I ordered a drink that came in a cool tiki cup. I kept saying I wanted to get one. We got to the car and my mil hands me it... that crazy ass woman stole the freaking cup 🤣🤣
But yea Red Robin is delicious but I’m scared to go back 🤣

— Oh no lol The waitress or waiter was probably wondering where that cup went! 😂

— I love Red Robin

— Best burgers ever!

— @luvbeingamom18, they really are ! I also love their bottomless fries with their seasoning

— @flamingfiremom, I’m going to try their garlic Parmesan fries for the first time.

— Yummmm

— I was hoping somebody would say that lol it’s what’s for dinner.

— @luvbeingamom18, lol I used to love going there with my grandma as a kid we would get shakes and burgers then go shopping 🛍

— @mamiluna, The best memories.