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Im really struggling. I have an almost 4 year old and he ha…

Im really struggling. I have an almost 4 year old and he has anger issues like 1 min he will be okay and next hes hitting me biting me telling me to shut up and its not just me he does it too its also his sister and I got to the point where I cannot do anything. Spanking, time outs, taking toys away everything ive tried does NOT phase him. But I am lost at words I feel like i have failed as a mother and its taking a huge toll on me and I just wanna lock myself in a room and cry because i dont know where i went wrong 😭😭😭


— Ahhh yes. I felt like age 3 was the worst with my boy. He was the same. No matter what I did didn’t help much. He got better once he turned 4. What helped is just Talking to him. Not just saying “no” but explaining the why and the consequences behind the no. And then redirecting him or solving his issue by giving him choices. It made him feel more control of the situation. Still works! He’s a very affectionate little boy so that’s in his favor. If I just hugged him and held him sometimes he’d calm down. For the toys, I wouldn’t give him ANY. hide them in garbage bags and use them as reward maybe. I’m sure one day he’ll be asking for a toy again.

— My daughter was like that I just eventually took everything out of her room and she got on meds

— @greysonsmommy090316, I mean idk if they will admit him they will probably suggest therapy first or he needs to be diagnosed with something outbursts alone won’t cut it mine was lying , stealing , graffiti, and she almost burnt out house down when she turned the gas on while I was pregnant

— @kush_queen420 omg. Thats scary. How old was she

— @greysonsmommy090316, she was 8 then 🤣

— U haven’t failed. From 2 to almost 5 my youngest was a bear. He was a really tough toddler. Just stick to one form of discipline, I suggest times out or taking things away, no spanking. It doesn’t teach much except to be scared of u. And stick with it. It’s going to be tough and challenging but if you’re consistent it will work out better

— And to mention he will not be potty trained anymore. Like my mom said hes crying out for attention but I do everything for him I am literally with him 24/7.

— Ah its okay kids go though a lot of emotions and they don't always know how to handle them my daughter goes though these spells I like to sit her down and put my four head on hers and talk about what she is feeling and why the first few times went like shiylt but now she tell me mom im mad and I want to talk about it so we sit down and talk she still has her burst but nowhere likr she used to.

— But I just dont understand what could be so wrong. I ask him why hes mad and he just doesn't answer and I can't handle it. His dad isnt in his life because of the threats so restraining order but when he was 7 months old I met my bf now and weve been together ever since and he calls him dad and treats him like his own so I dont know what has happened. Hes never done this before until like 2 months ago but its getting WORSE.

— @greysonsmommy090316 did somthing happen it might have been somthing little kinda minds are like a maze. Let him know he can have these feeling everyone does but we have to handle them feeling in a proper way. Also uk them blowup pushing bags we got one them and she beats the hell out of it it really helps

— Can you message me