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Moms with 6 year olds can your child spell his/her last nam…

Moms with 6 year olds can your child spell his/her last name out loud? My niece (my brother’s daughter) came over today, she’s 6.5 and going into first grade and didn’t know how to spell her last name. My daughter is 5.5 and hasn’t even been to kindergarten yet, she was in TK last year and she can spell her first and last name out loud plus her brother’s.

I mentioned it to my sister since her son who just turned 6 is going into first grade and she said he can spell it on paper but not out loud.

So my daughter is advanced? I figured all 6 year olds would know how to spell their first and last name but I guess I was wrong and she made me feel bad for bringing it up.


— My son was spelling his name at at 2 yrs old. And he spells mama dada nana bus

— Wow that’s great! I feel like my 2 year old is on the same track. He’s already counting. I’ve heard him say 6, 7, 8, 9 and today 11, 12, 13 😳 He must pick it up from his sister.

— My oldest has spelt his name out loud and knows how to write it out since he was 4. Now working on it with my youngest.

— That’s great! Yeah I feel like it’s an important skill to have even at a young age.

— My oldest has been able to spell outloud his full name (first middle last) since 3.5yrs old. And has been able to write it all out since 4.
But that’s bc we worked on it regularly. As long as she’s writing it out, I wouldn’t consider her behind. Kids learn at different paces & they grasps things at different speeds.
I wouldn’t compare children bc if they overhear you, you could really dampen their self confidence.

— No I didn’t compare them. She spelled her first name so I casually asked her for her last name and she couldn’t do it. After that we moved onto something else.

— My son can spell his 1st name but not his last but I'm not worried we work on it everyday and each child learns differently and at different speeds my son struggles with letters at times but numbers he can add and subtract.

— Their is no finish line I wish people would quit labeling children speed abilities to learn.

— Kids all learn at different rates. But what they are exposed too also has an influence. My 2 year old can read his name and I’m teaching him a couple more words. But since he was a baby I have only bought him toys that educated him, what he watches, plays with on the tablet is all educational stuff. He knows and recognizes his ABCs since he was 18-20 months old. But at the end of the day each child is different and has different interest and will learn more of whatever they are interested it in.

— That’s awesome!

— Ya since 4 lol ...they also should know there address and phone number cuz this worlds crazy now

— Yeah good point. I need to teach my daughter address and phone number.

— My daughter has been able to spell her first and last name since she was 3. I think it all depends on the parents. We have to teach our children these things and she probably just hasn't been taught that yet.

— My oldest has been spelling his last name and saying it out loud since he was 4

— He can spell it out loud. Since he was like 5/5.5 years old. It sounds like her school is doing a poor job in her education.

— @2sweetie, actually no she isn’t behind. That’s pretty normal that the child can put it on paper but not spell it out loud. Definitely doesn’t make her behind.

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, I was thinking the same thing. Like just because you feel your daughter may be advanced for her age doesn’t make the kids around her “behind”

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, well I don’t know for sure she can write it on paper. I didn’t ask her to do it. But I’m sure she can since they learn in kindergarten