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Oh how I love Arizona lmao

Oh how I love Arizona lmao


— This is impressive.

— It's like a train wreck; cause me physical anxiety to look at, but I can't pull my eyes away! Argh!!! I'm out. Lol.

— Huge nope. Biggest nope. Get me out of this state. I need to be as far away from that as possible. 💀😭😂

— Wow. That’s a buttload of nope.

— My exterminator comes tomorrow thank god 😂😭😩

— We have a guy come one every two months

— Ugh We havent had black widows around our house in a long long time since we get it sprayed but the scorpions won’t go away 🤦🏻‍♀️ we find them dead outside or either alive or dead inside too

— Omg I got a black light to find them haven’t had any inside at all thank god

— @billnyetherussianspy, I’ve never seen one inside before bt that sounds scary af I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that thing can possibly crawl on me 😫

— I live in AZ too

— 😱😭

I’d die lol

— I didn’t even know black widows got this big

— @billnyetherussianspy, me either!