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Feeling pretty good today 😊

Feeling pretty good today 😊


— I'm sure you will do great! Having daughters helped me to truly feel the confidence that others always though I had. You've got this!! How is your relationship with your older children? What were the toughest ages to get through with the so far?

— @xryztalroze, I just let them know they can talk to me about anything and I try not to get upset instead I listen and help them out with their problems. Now if I can get them to do chores when I tell them to I would be happy lol

— @momof5brats Did you start the chores when they were really young or did you wait? I am still in that toddler stage. 2 and 4. Trying for one more.

— @xryztalroze, I started as soon as they was able to walk. It was easy things like pick up your toys or put something in the trash or put their cup in the sink( with help)

— Always pretty. I never noticed your adorable freckles before. So cute!

— Thank you 🥰
Yeah my freckles show a lot more in the summer. Someone said I should cover them up with makeup

— @momof5brats No!! Don't do that. I have the ugly all over type, but have learned to love them. My DD1 has olive tone and is getting the cute ones like you. She keeps telling me they are "fecktells" like her mommy, and I have come to appreciate mine bc of that. You're very pretty! I don't wear make up and think it's awful someone said that to you. So sorry! I had a lady tell me once at work that I "would be pretty if I got my freckles removed by laser" like she did. Have sweet dreams and have confidence in you!!!!

— @xryztalroze, I like my freckles I would never cover them up and thank you. I’m trying to have confidence in myself because I don’t want my daughters thinking they are ugly

— 😍😍😍😍😍

— Thank you 🥰

— @momof5brats, You welcome 💗