Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

Banana 🍌 boat🍨 and chocolate sprinkles 🤤🤤🤤😍

Banana 🍌 boat🍨 and chocolate sprinkles 🤤🤤🤤😍


— Please tell me u at least said wooder Instead of water haha

— Lmao definitely 😂😂

— @ss3mom, I grew up in the suburbs outside of Philly and always called them jimmy’s too! When I moved to Virginia, no one knew what I was talking about so I’ve started saying sprinkles.

— Haha!! Happy to know it’s not just me

— Where did u grow up if u don’t mind my asking? I grew up in upper Darby Delaware county!

— @ss3mom, I lived in Levittown and Langhorne before moving out of state.

— This is so funny to me that no one else calls them Jimmy’s

— I love the fact that you said it correctly. Sprinkles.

— I didn’t know there was another name for it lol. I’ve always called them sprinkles since I was a little girl

— No she didn’t it’s jimmys hahahahah... not sprinkles lol!!!

— This looks so darn good!

— It was!!

— My fave thing ever to get from the truck!

— Yesss! The best

— Soft serve ice cream truck?! We had that in Cali growing up!! 😩🤤😋

— @brownsugarluv yes!! It passes everyday in the summer time. I'd get one everyday if I wasn't concerned about the sugar

— U mean jimmy’s??

— @dontspankme, I guess it’s just a Delaware county thing haha.

— @brenduhhh, right. No one knows what jimmys are lol!!

— @j.concepcion, that’s too funny. It really must be a Delco thing. I thought it was a Philly area thing hahahaha!! So funny

— Omggg send me one 🤤

— By the time it get to you, it’ll be all melted 🥺😂

— @j.concepcion 😂