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Still can't eat anything. Been chugging water like a mad wo…

Still can't eat anything. Been chugging water like a mad woman to stay hydrated through all the throwing up anything I eat. 🙄 Tried saltines, nope, plain bread? Nope. I can't even keep down plain noodles. On top of that my appetite is now non-existent. So I'm just trying to get food in my stomach every few hours whether I want it or not. Been drinking chicken broth and some Gatorade but the Gatorade comes back up within 15 mins. It's looking like I'll be having a liquid diet until I can stomach things again. Gonna try smoothies and protein shakes and see if those will stay down. Luckily my prenatals are quick release soft jell capsules and I can keep those down long enough for them to be released into my system. They surprisingly only make me gag when I swallow them and then I'm fine. So that's a plus at least.


— Has your ob offered you any nausea medicine?

— Not yet! The nurse I spoke to told me I could try Pepto and to call back in a couple days if it's still the same. But Pepto isn't doing much.

— Have you tried mint tea ? It help with my nausea
Also coconut water is lime Gatorade but better

— I've tried mint tea(were a big tea drinking house) but not like coconut water. I'll have to try that.

— @insecureemu, feel better I love mint tea ... yeah try the coconut water it’s very hydrating and good electro lights . Sea bands helped me also