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I hate that for over a year it's never our month. I dont ge…

I hate that for over a year it's never our month. I dont get why it's so hard to get pregnant this time when with my son it took 3 months. I just wish I could give him a brother or sister to grow up with.


— I understand your frustration. We’ve been trying on and off for two years now. I’m 38 and want to have another child of my own. I want my daughter to have a sibling in the house with her not just one who visits (her half-sister). When I had my daughter we hadn’t officially started trying since we were told after a vasectomy reversal, it could take 3-6 months up to a year to get pregnant. I got pregnant 7 months after the reversal. Last year, I was referred to a fertility specialist which took a few months to even be seen. We had lots of tests and I was diagnosed with pcos, put on metformin and letrozole, and went though one cycle with ovidrel. Still hoping it happens soon...

— I hope it happens for you soon.

— @dragontrainer1, you too!

— I'm not sure if you have seen a fertility specialist/hormone specialist. They look at bloodwork differently than a OB or general doctor. Good luck on your journey mama.

— @jenx yeah I'm sure that will have to be the next steps

— @dragontrainer1 when/if he does have to have a semen analysis, you can have him collect at home and drop it off to the lab/clinic. Just to take the stress off of that. The guys really flip about it.

— @jenx thank you so much

— I understand what you're going through completely. Have you had a full panel of blood work and seen a fertility specialist? I've been trying for over a year now and will be 30 in the fall so now my general practitioner is concerned and referred me to a fertility specialist. I have a initial appointment with them virtually at the end of the month.

— Yeah tons of blood and scans all said I'm normal which I'm most not lol I will we 32 in September so my time is running out. And no I havnt seen a fertility specialist my doctor says I should just keep trying

— @dragontrainer1 that's crazy. I would look into your insurance. You may be able to go see a specialist without a referral. I was able to on my old insurance.

— @massgirl I wish we have to have the worst insurance in the world lol it's so bad lol damn health care

— Ugh yes! I'm im the same boat my daugher is 3 we been ttc for 2 years its so frustrating

— I'm sorry your going through it as well it's so hard to stay positive at times

— @dragontrainer1 it sure is i just keep telling myself there is a reason maybe unknown right now but definitely a reason why

— @hakunamafuckitall that's what I keep telling myself

— That’s how I feel. 😭 I had 2 kids quick and now I feel like I can’t get pregnant again. You can always message me if you need to talk ❤️

— Thank you I hope you get your chance soon

— Have you spoke with a doctor?

— @mom_wife_witch I just have always wanted 2 kids since I was younger and I keep getting discouraged and it seems so easy for everyone else

— @dragontrainer1 I totally didnt even think of that! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I know it's hard but try and stay positive!

— @mom_wife_witch thank you and I'm trying