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Hey guys so my boys nursery called to see if he would like …

Hey guys so my boys nursery called to see if he would like to come back next week as they are opening up the new bubble. I love his nursery they are really good but he hasn’t been in since March.

Firstly, he is so bored at home and it will give me a break in the summer holidays if he does a few days per week (his nursery is open all year round etc)

But I’m just worried about him carrying the virus onto his vulnerable relatives with underlying health conditions who he sees once a week and also my mum looks after him the other days his not in nursery. What would you do and what do you think is best?


— Freddie has gone in to nursery today for a couple hours to settle him back in as I go back to work next week. His nan will also have him again one day a week xx

— @gemini95, He walked in fine (I wasn’t allowed in) and then ran back to me but he cried when I left. They said he was fine after a couple of minutes and had a good time. He was so emotional when I picked him up though it made it tear up. It was like he was so happy to see me and holding back his tears 😭 he had a lovely nap so must have worn him out x

— @elletaylor, awwww...that’s what I’m worried about him tearing up when I collect him as that will eat me up. Does he want to go back tomorrow??

— @gemini95, he didn’t wanna go in again this morning 😭 he’s only there for 3 hours, what’s he going to be like 9-5 next week x

— I'm in the same situation 🤷‍♀️ my daughter has ask about nursery nearly every day since lock down she's such a social kid that she's so sick of me now, but i worry about sending her back yet iv said September but we will prob get a second spike in winter so don't no weather to send her for a few weeks now and if it flares up again take her out again 🤷‍♀️ it's such a difficult decision 😥

— It’s entirely up to you and how you feel,
I won’t be sending Mckenzie back as I see no point as I’m home anyway with Ashton so rather wait until he starts in September he’s not asking about it so think he’s fine with it, if you work and have to get back then that’s a different story totally up to you beaut xx

— I think you will be safe to send him back if thats what you want. As they would take lots of measures so they the nursery is clean and safe for the kids