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Worked all day and come home to a mess😭😠 Moose decided AJ…

Worked all day and come home to a mess😭😠 Moose decided AJs bike helmet was a chew toy and ripped it to shreds that he left all over the house. I walked in and put him in the bedroom so i could carry groceries in without shutting the door and this dog pushes through the door. Opening it the opposite way that it opens. So i spend half an hour trying to get it to open cuz he bent the hinges the opposite way and it was stuck shut. Now I have to get new hinges cuz it wont close. I think im just gunna start putting him in the crate again while im gone. Ive thought about trying cbd pet treats for him instead though. I hate the idea of him being stuck in his crate for hours during the day. Has anyone tried them and had a good outcome? Oh and AJ decided he had to pee pulling into the driveway and we didnt make it in time so i have to take apart and wash his carseat. So off to do that and vacuum up all the foam crap from the helmet thats too small to pick up. And then I think I'll pour myself a big ass glass of wine before i loose my mind🙄 Hope everyone else had a great day and thank u if u read this far through my rant lmao


— Crate train him would be a good idea.

— He was crate trained but we stopped using it when quarantine started because i was home all day. Im gunna have to retrain him. Hopefully it goes well lol.

— I think crate training is healthy for both owner and dog. Our dogs were always in crates if they were home alone while we went to the store or whatever. Sorry you've had such a hard day

— He was crate trained before the quarantine started. Then i was home everyday so he was out all day and we just stopped using it. He normally does great. It seems like when it storms and no ones home he tends to tear things up. But it doesnt seem to bother him if we are home. Hes a big dog and i know I need to exercise him everyday or else he will chew things. I normally take him on a walk before work in the morning to try and get some of his energy out but I woke up late this morning and of course it stormed too. Im gunna set the crate back up tonight and hope he does okay with it.

— @catfish2220 what kind? We had Great Danes. I'm sure he will readjust soon❤

— @two.tiny.texans the mom is a full blooded blue nose pitt. We thought the dad was a full blooded German Sheppard but we recently found out hes got some lab in him too. Hes a great dog. Wouldnt trade him for the world. He just has days where he chews everything in sight. My mom has a great Dane! They are gorgeous and big babies 😆.