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This is so true. Today I had an amber alert go off my phone…

This is so true. Today I had an amber alert go off my phone that a teenager was abducted by his older brother and is in danger of harm. I hope that boy will be ok. 🙏🏻🤞🏻Sometimes family doesn’t always mean that they love or care about you because they share the same blood.

This made me also think of my half siblings. I was never close with them and they have always showed signs of verbal abuse towards me. Yelling at me, cursing at me when I was a child, saying bad things to me about my mother etc. Thank god they never hit me but I’m sure as hell it crossed their minds multiple times. The only reason they didn’t do it was because they wouldn’t get money from my father if they would have mistreated me that way. They sucked it up and had to just deal with me the few times they baby sat me growing up. A few years ago my half sister begged me to babysit my son when he was a baby and I said no. Knowing her and how much hatred she has for my mother and I, she would have been capable of doing real damage to my son. If I let her babysit him, I’m sure that she would have probably shook him up and then bring him back like oh he fell on his head, pretending everything is ok. She is unpredictable and dangerous like that so I didn’t take chances with her. I cut her out of my life. That’s why my half siblings will never meet my daughter. They are bad news. If you have any family members who have been harmful to you and you feel uncomfortable around them, definitely don’t leave your kids alone with them or hang around people like that.


— @mamaxkat89, I feel bad that people who live that lifestyle will choose drugs over family. That really sucks. So many relationships get destroyed because of that.

— I just wish he would get his life together

— Yup family ain’t shit but a word 💯

— @mamaxkat89, I’m sorry to hear that. You are right not to trust having him around especially with the life style that he has. He wouldn’t be a good influence to your kids. I wish that things would have been different for you and that he didn’t chose that path. He reminds me a bit of my sons father. He chose drugs over my son. He never met my son and even though it hurt me at first, it was for the best. I didn’t want my son to be around him and drugs.

— Exactly that's why I refuse to have a relationship with him or let him be close to my children

— This is why my son has no contact with husbands side of family right now

— @mamaxkat89, I’m sorry to hear that. You did the right thing!

Sometimes my father is a jerk but he is lucky that we take care of him here. If things were a bit different he wouldn’t have been here. I almost didn’t want him here. I have a love hate relationship with him. It’s tough.

— My dad is a ex heroin addict but I know he still uses meth. He left us to do drugs and became homeless when I was 15. I'm 30 now and he's been trying to fix things but I know he still does drugs. He also is in a shitty mood most of the time and he feels entitled to our love and respect. I will never respect him again

— Basically my half sibling claimed I did fraud on my fathers account. He had power to attorney and had joint account with my dad back in 2017. He is a criminal known for theft. He goes in and out of jail all the time. My father was too blind to think he was using him. My father knows how he is but is blinded by favoritism and automatically covers up any wrong doings from that side of the family. That is dangerous and sickening at the same time. My father took favoritism to a whole other level. That still pisses me off because my mother and I take care of my father and he is ungrateful. We know for a fact that if he stayed with them, he would have been thrown out on the street when the money would have ran out or god forbid they would have killed him. We pretty much saved my father from his other kids.

— I just remembered a scary situation I had with the oldest half sibling. (There are 3 of them from my fathers previous marriage.) A few years ago my oldest half sibling made a false allegation against me and used my father who already wasn’t mentally well at the time to help him. (I may have mentioned this before on here.) So what would have happened was that if I didn’t get a lawyer on time, I would have been arrested and my mother. My half siblings plan was that he was gonna try taking the apartment away, change the locks and take my son away from me. He’s jealous because he didn’t have kids so he wanted to steal my son from me. I don’t know what rights people have when they are arrested but that is scary. I also don’t know how long it would have been to prove my innocence if I was in jail but that scares the crap out of me because he would have been capable of doing so much to my son and the other 2 half siblings would have helped him. He was very close to getting away with it.

— Yesss!! I don't really have a relationship with my father so I don't allow him at my house or bring my kids around him