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my period has come again so doctors it is 😔, I tried a lot…

my period has come again so doctors it is 😔, I tried a lot of things and even brought the clear blue digital device for ovulation which cost a lot and still nothing been long time i just need some knowledge on what going on lol


— I used the clear blue monitor but felt i was putting to much pressure on myself with it. I stopped for a month then started again with cheapie ovulation tests off amazon. I found them much easier. Do you know your cycle well?

— Oh really, I’ve tried all sorts hun, I’ve tried cheaper ones average price ones and this one I mean it could be as simple as I just need a hormone tablet but I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ I searched cause my endometriosis you can find it harder but I just thought cause when I had my LG she was easy to conceive now it’s been over a year n half I don’t know I’ve kept a chart of my periods On app and the clear blue so yeah it’s showing my period are near each other x

— I really didn’t rate the clear blue monitor, I’d recommend just cheap opks, they let you see the build up to ovulation much easier I think.

— I tried them I just found they told me the same throughout the month 🙈 x

— I'm sorry your finding it hard to conceive, it took me nearly a year this time to get pregnant, i got pregnant the day after my p stopped so ovulate well early 🤷‍♀️

— Oh really thank you for sharing that as I wouldn’t think you could ovulate that early so thank you x

— How many cycles did you use the clear blue digital for? X

— @danielle93, if it’s the machine one I wouldn’t say it’s as accurate as the digital ones you throw away daily. I had both on trial from them and they behind the others x

— @vixster, it’s the clear blue machine one you know where you have to put the stick into the monitor is that the one you mean?. I’ve tried a few brands and just struggling with them I’m finding now I’m not ovulating ? Xx

— @danielle93, yeah it didn’t show ovulation for me and I clearly was just earlier as the throw away digital ones showed I was. X