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Anyone else love getting new bedding?

Anyone else love getting new bedding?


— I actually just ordered a new set on Amazon, I’m stocked for it to get here

— My down comforter I got from amazon and my sheet set too@

— Makes me happy too❤️

— Adult things ♡



— I love this print!

— Mine will be here tomorrow! Got new sheets the other day to match and waiting on my shower curtain that matches the bed, got the towels and floor mats a few days ago too. Lol

— Black bedding looks amazing but it’s honestly the worst 🥴🥴 if you have sex in it you’ll see everything 🤣

— I was just thinking about that... 🤦‍♀️ also my husband has eczema in his hair too. I forgot about that. Guess I'll be washing my bedding once a week. 😂

— @makethatfour, I had black everything guuuurl it was like every 2 days we had to wash 😂

— Love!

— I do, I even love getting new shower curtains with matching floor mats, lol

— The things that make adults happy!

— @oggirl.mom seriously! 😂

— @oggirl.mom I know! 😂 I don't even know when I became an adult