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My sunflowers are growing fast😁

My sunflowers are growing fast😁


— Mine are looking like shit 🤣
I’ve been neglecting them 😑

— @mom2.3crotchhumans, I can grow anything I’ve just decided to focus on our other plants.. I started the sunflowers indoor but I don’t have room anymore. 😅 My husbands projects are starting to take over lol.
What else you got growing?

— @brownsugarluv carrots, green beans, basil, coleus, banana peppers, beets, tomatoes, 11 sunflowers, lettus, and "Flowers" 😁

— @mom2.3crotchhumans, yum! I wish we did more things but I’m limited on space.

— That what my better half is growing our daughter.

— @mom2.3crotchhumans

— @family1stalways heck hea!! 🙌😍

— @mom2.3crotchhumans the other one has cilantro growing in them and I'm not sure what's growing in the little red cups I don't remember