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ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE! Ugh. Please Mother Earth 🌎 Be kind. …


Please Mother Earth 🌎 Be kind. 🙏🏼


— Are they aftershocks from the first one? Or new earthquakes? We had aftershocks for almost a year after the 7.1 we had in November 2018. 😬

— They are all being considered aftershocks. 😖 a whole year??? Mannnn

How was being in a 7.1?? How big were your aftershocks?

— @rayofmysunshine, The 7.1 was pretty crazy! I think I’ve experience three over 7.0 since we’ve lived here. The aftershocks were 5s-6s for a month or two then they gradually got smaller.

— @ekko, omg. That would be insane to experience. I think my house would break! Lol

I would be so anxious all the time. Feeling the earth move makes me realize how powerful it is. Fascinating and terrifying at the same time. But 7 🥺😱

— Growing up in Cali I got used to it... But my kids being scared is what sucks. Hope your all doing good. I know it can really mess with your nerves wondering if another will come and if it will be worse. ❤️

— My daughter keeps saying she wants a new house! This one is ‘wiggly’. Today is a earthquake drill across the state. I thought that was interesting to actually have an earthquake before the drill!

I’ve had it drilled into my mind that there will be a big earthquake here since grade school. Overdue I guess. Makes me nervous about it!

— @rayofmysunshine, did they still do the drill? What exactly wee you suppose to do for the drill? In Cali we got under the desks when we had drills. Hope your all doing ok.
Honestly natural disasters like earthquakes and space shit just irk me.. I can’t think about it too long.

— Be safe ,how scary

— I have lived in California my whole life & my first experience with an earthquake was 1986/1987 I was about 10/11 years old from their on I just got use to them! What state are you in since I see that your not use to them? I’m glad that you are safe also.

— I’m in Utah. Like 2-3 weeks ago we had a 5.7. And we have had many 4+ aftershocks since. I have never experienced an earthquake before that.

— Oh my goodness! Be safe 💜

— Thank you! We will!

I don’t think I could live with these on a regular like most Californians. Lol