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I really need to work on not cussing so much especially in …

I really need to work on not cussing so much especially in front of my kids. 😩 any tips?


— Yeah same here. My husband and I are trying not to cuss in front of our kids too. A few times I almost slipped but instead I said fudge and shoe so far haha and darn or dang it.

— I was a big time cusser before my daughter was born but after she was born my husband and I decided it was time to end that habit so I started being intentional about substituting cuss words with different words like instead of fuck I say fudge and eventually it became a new habit for me. Cussing is a big no for my husband and myself now. 😊

— A 1st grader taught my son how to write fuck on the bus.

— Oh that’s nice 😳

— Don’t you love that? Some kid taught Rylan how to spell all kinds of bad words

— @mikecoochie, Oh yeah, just as much as another kid telling mine all about sex too. 🤦‍♀️

— Fuckkkk itt....... lol I have a horrible mouth 😭but my kids have never swore so I’m thankful and if I do in front of them they laugh and say mommy that’s a bad word 😫

— I’m terrible too. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

— This sounds like my son he always tells me that’s a naughty word 😩

— My daughter called my son a son of a bitch one day. My husband said I should have been offended lol. I did explain to her that it’s not okay to say it and I shouldn’t say those things either lol

— Nah. I say cuss away. They’ll hear worse in school. But that’s just me lol

— Yeah I agree but I’m just trying to kick the habit anyway

— Same. So I’m commenting to see what advice you get so I can take it too 😂

— It’s a struggle.

— Same😅