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Am I the only one having trouble deciding on an outfit to b…

Am I the only one having trouble deciding on an outfit to bring baby home ?
I’ve packed like 10 outfits and I still can’t make up my mind lol
I give up I’ll just take them all lol


— With my son I had a bunch of outfits but he peed in his clothes right as we were about to leave. My husband already put everything in the car. So my son left the hospital in a hospital shirt and diaper 🤷🏻‍♀️ We lived 3 minutes away so it didn’t really matter anyway 😂

— Lol the day we got released from the hospital I couldn’t make up my mind what to put on them
I changed them about 5 times lol

— Lol I have packed all of nothing so ur ahead of me

— I only make baby’s bag
I’m scared to pack mine lol
As soon as I pack it’s gonna sink in that soon she will be here

— @queenbitch, lol I’m there the night b4 packing good thing bout a scheduled csection

— @lou-lou27, yes that’s the good thing
But either way it’s hard to pick just one outfit lol

— With my older son it was hard. My 2and son wore the same onesie as my 1st son did. The baby he was easy it was a rainbow outfit since he is our rainbow baby. Good luck on picking one

— With my boys I couldn’t pack their bags
They had other plans and came whenever they wanted to lol
So my husband would pack whatever he liked lol
This time around I know it’s a c section so now I can pack her clothes

— I had all my outfits washed and ready :) how exciting.. your almost there:))

— I’m so excited
I can’t wait 😊

— Girl. You are not the only one of course :)) I took a bunch of outfits for my newborn too. It's so exciting and u change them a couple times while your there too so I kept changing her 😁 😘👑❤❤❤❤❤👍goodluck and congrats. Itll come sooner then u think .. god bless

— It’s so hard to pick just one outfit lol
I can’t wait for the big day thank you 😊