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“Big Ed” and this hair 😂😭 someone tell him cut it and cle…

“Big Ed” and this hair 😂😭 someone tell him cut it and clean his face up


— @kx2girlmommy, @teresha_h, LMFAO he can only sleep on sheets with 1000 thread count 😣😂😂😂😂 is smack his ass stupid if he said that to me 😂

— 😂😂😂 he says it like it’s the best thing ever
Nobody said “OH MY GOD” when he enters the room 😭

— @teresha_h, imagine not being able to turn ypur fucking head and having to turn your entire body to look in another direction. I hate clowning him for his appearance bc I feel like it’s shallow but hes a dick.

— @wellabean0413, he deserves it ! 😂😂😂 omg you just took me out

— Ed with the head gets on my nerves. He has the nerve to critique anyone 🙄 that creepy smile when he was giving her a foot massage made me gag lol.

— Deadass me too. He said “Oh my God” when he saw her in her pajamas. Like fuuuuuucccck out of here

— @wellabean0413, omgggg right me and my husband looked at each other when he said that like WTF🤢 first of all she has a 13 yr old body 🤣 it just gave me creep vibes. I guess you’ll sleep with anything to get to the great U S of A 😂😂

— @wellabean0413, yes ! That pissed me off like well excuse me silk pjs and sheets 😂😂

— He is a hot mess lol 😂

— He looks like a butterball turkey I can’t stand him. His attitude is SHIT

— He really does. A stuffed turkey for sure.

— Agree! I’m sick of Ed Head

— Oh you haven’t seen the new one.. he does shave his face 😂

— I saw. Literally minutes later he was calling her legs hairy